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Product Training.

Get the best from your people and assets.

We offer trainings all over the world, at our Training Centres or locally on site. This ensures that the technicians are well prepared to solve problems in their jobs.

Well-trained technicians make a major contribution towards minimizing operating costs and maximizing vehicle availability and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Our courses.

The course catalog contains all the courses available to choose from.

Electric forklift truck: ECG 50-90
Course No. 401-003
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Electric forklift truck: ECG 90-180
Course No. 401-005
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Diesel forklift truck: DCG 90-180
Course No. 402-008
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Diesel forklift truck: DCF 50-90
Course No. 402-009
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Diesel forklift truck: DCG 50-90
Course No. 402-010
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Diesel forklift truck: DCG 100-180T
Course No. 402-011
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Diesel forklift truck: DCG 180-330
Course No. 402-012
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Reachstacker: DRF 400-450
Course No. 404-002
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Reachstacker: DRG 420-450
Course No. 404-008
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Terminal Tractor: TT/TR618 i
Course No. 405-003
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Common Courses: Intro for new technical staff
Course No. 490-001
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