Kalmar Training Centre
The global technical training department for Kalmar
Terminal and Industrial equipment.

Technical Training
Our technical training courses are developed
to provide technicians with in-depth technical
knowledge for specific Kalmar equipment.
EcoDriving Training
Our EcoDriving training focuses on teaching driving
techniques that benefit your operations by reducing
fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, tire and component
wear, and maintenance cost.
Product Training
The product training gives basic knowledge and understanding about components and systems. Perfect for the newly employed or the experienced personnel that needs refreshment or are changing position within Kalmar.
Operator Training
The operator training is per model to give the operator possibility to work as efficient and safe as possible.
System Training
All equipment uses a combination of different systems such as hydraulic system, control system and electrical system etc. The system training courses focus on each to offer the next level of knowledge.