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About Us

Kalmar Training Centre is the global technical training department for Kalmar Terminal and Industrial equipment. We provide technical training for Kalmar employees, dealers and end customers all over the world. The skills we teach are based on our long experience.

We offer technical training all over the world, at Kalmar Training Centre, at our Training Centres or locally on-site. We also offer e-learning courses and through techBASE we offer technical material on-line that helps our technicians and managers to understand and repair our equipment. Our goal is to always offer training that meets the needs and wishes of our customers.

Service training

A vehicle that does not function when there is work to be done is a poor investment. To avoid this situation, it is important that maintenance and service are completed to the highest possible standard. We offer courses in service and daily maintenance both on site and on-line as e-learning courses.

Technical training

We offer technical training on all Kalmar branded products. The courses that we offer combine theory and practice. At our well-equipped Training Centres, there are excellent opportunities for the trainee to try out the theoretical knowledge in real life. This ensures that they are well prepared to solve problems in their jobs, whether involved in maintenance, troubleshooting or repairs. Well-trained technicians make a major contribution towards minimizing operating costs and maximizing vehicle availability and lowering the total cost of ownership.

System training

All equipment delivered by Kalmar uses a combination of different systems such as hydraulic system, control system and electrical system etc. The system training courses focus on each and every one of these systems separately to be able to offer the next level of knowledge. These courses are done by specialised trainers internally or external trainers from for example our vendors.

Product training

The product training gives a basic knowledge and understanding about components and systems. Perfect for the newly employed or the experienced personnel that needs refreshment or are changing position within Kalmar.

Operator training

A skilled operator gives the machine possibility to work as efficient and safe as possible. At the same time an operator without training can cause great risks and high cost just by using the machine in the wrong way. Our operator training courses focus on teaching people how to operate in a safe and efficient way. Operator training courses are best held on site with the customer and as close to the operator's daily working environment as possible.  All operator training courses are based on the relevant national standards and requirements, and when the training is completed the operator receives a certificate that confirms the operator's ability.


Kalmar EcoDriving considers the ecological and economical aspect of operating vehicles. The concept really focuses on improving the drivers’ performance when operating equipment. Simply by learning new techniques, the driver can make a valuable contribution to reducing fuel consumption, extending component life, reducing wear and tear on tyres and minimizing maintenance costs. At the same time it also reduces the stress factor for the operator.