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Kalmar EcoDriving training saves money on fuel, tyres and maintenance costs

Kalmar’s EcoDriving concept really focuses on improving the drivers’ performance when operating equipment. Simply by learning new techniques, the driver can make a valuable contribution to reducing fuel consumption, extending component life, reducing wear and tear on tyres and minimising maintenance costs.

These new “frugal driving” techniques are an essential part of any business looking to really maximise cost efficiencies and can also contribute towards environmental targets.

Training the instructor

Kalmar has developed a complete syllabus for the course and this includes training our customers’ instructors to the highest standards. These detailed courses can be completed in just a few days and typically include:
• Economical driving and lifting techniques
• Improving knowledge of RPM v’s Torque
• Interpreting information provided on the display
• How the driver can affect fuel consumption and emissions

Course content

The course content can be tailored to meet the customers’ needs, depending upon the type of equipment operated, the business environment, personnel availability and the number of people to be trained.

Kalmar is also happy to discuss the development of specific schemes to
incentivise driver participation. For example, this could be in the form of a driver challenge to create peer pressure and encourage a competitive spirit to be the “best driver in the team”, with appropriate rewards given.